• Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management

New developments in built-up conurbations and the unstoppable urbanization of areas have exacerbated the potentially damaging effects of conventional surface-water drainage. Our stormwater management systems can help combat this.

Traditional drainage of stormwater run-off was designed to rapidly convey rainwater from where it has fallen to a soakaway or watercourse. This old method increases the risks of flooding, environmental damage, and urban diffuse pollution, as run-off water usually carries contaminants including oils, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilisers, chemicals, and other organic matter.

The implementation of sustainable drainage systems – demonstrated in outline as well as detailed applications and design submissions – is now demanded by authorities as a prerequisite of planning considerations, from early site evaluations, design and environmental-impact assessments.

GreenBlue’s stormwater management solutions provide a sustainable and effective approach to low impact development.

RootRain Linear Drain

A fully customized linear strip drain stormwater solution for installation in hardscape surfaces.


A tree planting system specifically designed to bring measurable and sustainable stormwater management benefits.

Stormwater Storage

GreenBlue Urban’s load-bearing modules for stormwater storage are a cost-effective option that meets maximum load-bearing requirements.


Closable stormwater inlet for incorporating into road side tree pit designs or other stormwater management projects.