• Rootball Guying & Tree Ties

Rootball Guying & Tree Ties

Complimenting our line of urban tree planting systems, GreenBlue’s Rootball Guying & Tree Tie products offer best practice solutions to support new tree plantings.

The ArborGuy anchor has been designed to be as streamlined as possible for driving into compacted subsoil, whilst combining superb ‘groundlock’ technology for secure tree anchoring. Testing shows that forces in excess of 3000 lbs can be withstood by just one anchor driven into subsoil from ground level.

An alternative for small trees is to specify our biodegradable NatureTie, which is made from hessian and will break down naturally over time as the tree establishes its own anchorage.


ArborGuy AnchorPlate

The new ArborGuy AnchorPlate is designed as the lowest profile “deadman” anchor system available.


Underground tree guying system that is safer, more effective, and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional staking.


A natural alternative to plastic and rubber tree ties that gradually biodegrades as the tree establishes.