• Urban Root Management

Urban Root Management

The deployment of root barriers is now an incontestable component of best practice in urban tree planting and tree root management. It is no longer sufficient to plant a tree in an urban location and hope that the roots will keep out of trouble.

Different situations often require different approaches to root management, so rather than take a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, GreenBlue has developed a range of specialist root barriers to give urban trees as much growing advantage as possible.

For example, if one simply wants to protect paved surfaces from root heave, it is unnecessarily restrictive on the tree to install a vertical sheet root barrier 1.5m (5ft) deep all round. The ReRoot and RootDirector products divert roots downwards to a level where they can safely establish without surface damage. So, whether designing a root free corridor for utilities, protecting building foundations, or designing trees into a pedestrianized area, GreenBlue has a cost effective root barrier solution.


Ribbed root barrier for directing tree roots into intended rooting zones and away from pavement and utilities.


Smooth root barrier for protecting building foundations and underground service ducts.


Preformed root management ideal for standalone trees in paved areas. The RootDirector “RS” range is specifically designed to locate onto the RootSpace soil cell system.