RootRain HydroGrille (Precinct)

The Precinct is a heavy-duty cast irrigation inlet for incorporating into tree grates or resin-bound surfaces. Designed for heavily trafficked areas, this low profile inlet with it’s heavy-duty cast body and aerated grille top allows water and air directly through the surface and into the perforated RootRain pipe distribution circuit below ground.


The RootRain Hydrogrille is for central urban locations requiring a permanent irrigation/aeration solution. The RootRain Hydrogrille has been specially designed to interlock with the ArborSystem range of tree grates, and provides a tamper resistant system that will also prevent the inlet from sinking as a result of any soil settlement around the tree. The RootRain system maintains long term soil health and fertility by facilitating high volumes of water and oxygen to reach the tree rooting area directly and allowing toxic gasses to escape – a critical tree welfare factor. The lift and swing lid of the Hydrogrille is intended for easy access for cleaning and has the capacity to withstand heavy vehicular overrun, including from street sweepers.


  • New grilled inlet which twist-locks into GreenBlue range of cast iron tree grates
  • Can be used in conjunction with ArboResin porous bound gravel
  • Cast inlet – long term provision for tree health
  • Fast irrigation – critical to tree establishment
  • Easy cleaning access – lift and swing lid 120mm Diameter
  • High strength grille – designed for vehicular overrun
  • Shallow profile – reduces cost


LengthDiameterInlet (Stainless Steel)Weight
10 ft (3m)2.5″ (60mm)4.5″ (120mm)2.5 lbs (1.2 kg)
16.5 ft (5m)2.5″ (60mm)4.5″ (120mm)3.5 lbs (1.5 kg)
26 ft (8m)2.5″ (60mm)4.5″ (120mm)5 lbs (2.2 kg)