Healthy soil is vital to healthy trees. A healthy growing medium is defined as an amended existing topsoil that contains organic matter; is capable of sustaining vigorous plant growth; contains a typical clay content of ›25% by mass; complies generally with the typical uses of AS 4419 (2003); is free from unwanted matter such as:

  • Stones, rock, and pebbles greater than 10mm measured by longest dimension
  • Hard clods or objects greater than 15mm dimension
  • Roots with a section diameter exceeding 10mm or a length exceeding 100mm
  • Sticks and rubbish
  • Material toxic to plants
  • Materials that may pose a danger to human health (e.g. glass, hard plastic)

Please download this soil specification for more details. Although we do provide this recommended soil specification for your convenience, it is worth noting that any typical sandy loam soil would suffice.

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