Over the last decade, the activities of charities and public sector organizations such as the Urban Tree Foundation and the Sustainable Sites Initiative have helped to put the creation of sustainable urban forests firmly on the agenda.  The aim, to inform politicians, policy makers, planners and landscape design professionals across the continent, of the true benefits of urban trees.

Throughout this period, ongoing scientific research has continued to provide overwhelming evidence of the numerous benefits and advantages that trees can bring to the urban environment, in terms of both their social and environmental impact.

The fact that trees can improve the quality of life for city residents and make a positive contribution to large-scale planning and infrastructure requirements is now beyond question. In fact, the establishment of healthy urban trees is quickly becoming a central component in strategies to deliver a diverse range of outcomes such as the management of urban microclimates, the creation of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), and the improvement of air quality in towns and cities. The growth of urban forests also has an important part to play in the development of carbon reduction strategies.

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