Heavy Duty Plant Climbing Brackets

When To Use Our Heavy Duty Plant Climbing Brackets

Range of heavy duty brackets which can accommodate a range of different width bars and longer vertical lengths.  Provides a variation to enhance your planting scheme.

Series 120 – For softening of warehouse cladding.

Series 124 – Multiple cable guides suspended between two residential buildings.

Series 134 – Large facades require larger spaces to keep the appearance in proportion.

Talk to a GreenBlue Urban technician today who will help guide you through which product is suitable for your project.


  • Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and are enhanced by their brushed steel finish.
  • Versatile brackets with supporting disks – for medium to large climbers.
  • Integrated cable tracking means plants can entwine around the cable – subsequent secondary growth can displace the straight cable allowing for greater support.
  • M10 connecting thread can be attached to almost any wall surface including insulated walls.


  • Greater lateral forces can be sustained and uneven wall surfaces accommodated due to the patented concave 5.0mm thick welded baseplate design and double point anchoring.
  • Slide mounting joining plate between brackets – for ease of installation.
  • Ease of installation and alignment with hidden wall fixings.
  • Simplicity of wire tensioning with grub screw end cap.
  • Wall fixings included with the bracket kits.



Bracket TypeStand off from wallDistance between bracketsNumber of wiresNumber of bracketsBar length
Series 12047mm3.0m – 4.0m1-111-370mm-1410mm
Series 12490mm3.0m – 4.0m1-111-370mm-1410mm
Series 134180mm3.0m – 4.0m1-111-370mm-1410mm

Please contact our sales team for further details and product codes.