Series 100

The original support bracket – proved for over 20 years – for use on medium to large size schemes.

A wide span allowing plants to be trained across a lateral planting space.

Excellent provided by heavy duty welding when preparing heavier plants.


These brackets are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and boast a filigree effect which is enhanced by the highly polished finish. Support bracket and joint sealing ring un situ on 16cm thermal installation for complete façade coverage.


  • Versatile brackets with supporting disks – for medium to large climbers.
  • Greater lateral forces can be sustained and uneven wall surfaces accommodated due to the patented concave 5.0mm thick welded base plate design and double point anchoring.
  • Installation on insulated walls can be carried out effectively with the special support system
  • Ease of installation and alignment with hidden wall fixings.
  • Simplicity of interim wire tensioning with grub screw end cap.
  • Wall fixings included with the bracket kits.


CodeStand off from wallDistance between bracketsFixing TypeWall Type for fixing
GB100W/ GB180W90mm / 180mm3.0mScrewWood
GB100C/ GB180C90mm / 180mm3.0mResinConcrete
GB100M/ GB180M90mm / 180mm3.0mResin & SleeveMasonry
GB100IC/ GB180IC90mm / 180mm3.0mResin, Anchor Bolt, Insulated spacer & Sealing RingThermal insulation to concrete
GB100IM/ GB180IM90mm3.0Resin, Anchor Bolt, Insulated spacer & Sealing RingThermal insulation to Masonry