The GreenBlue Urban RootSpace® system is essentially a soil support system – designed for maximum soil and rooting volume, to be ‘utility friendly’, with economic freight and industry leading strength characteristics.

In 2001, GreenBlue Urban produced the world’s first purpose made commercial structural soil cell for urban tree planting. Since that time, thousands of trees have benefited and continue to benefit, from access to uncompacted soil volumes – beneath heavily engineered pavements and roadways.

RootSpace® is the next generation soil protection product, developed by GreenBlue Urban to reduce cost, cut down installation time, and incorporate industry leading soil aeration methodology – a vital and often overlooked component in tree pit design.

RootSpace 400 | 

RootSpace G2 is a world class product redesigned to further increase the load bearing capacity and will allow simpler / faster assembly and soil filling characteristics.  For full specification including loading – scroll down to specification area.

For more information on this product, download the datasheet below.


  • Interlocking System
  • Integrates with other ArborSystem products
  • Open structure
  • Unique lid design creating air gap over soil
  • Allows for a variety of tree pit depths


  • Interlocking recycled material panels give huge strength
  • Open structure – fast filling and class leading soil void ratio – more soil for the tree
  • Fast installation reduces labour costs
  • Less plastic – reduces costs
  • Unique patented Airflow lid – encourages movement of air allowing the soil to breathe
  • Excellent space provision for integrating utilities
  • Lid designed to allow fast re-excavation for utility emergencies
  • Open lattice – high strength but maximum soil space



GBURAC600ARootSpace 600 Upright600mm500mm90mm260kPa
GBURAC500ARootSpace Airflow Lid75mm500mm500mm
GBURSP65ARootSpace 600 Infill527mm334mm40mm


GBURAC400BRootSpace 400 Upright400mm500mm75mm410kPa
GBURAC500BRootSpace Airflow Lid75mm500mm500mm
GBURSP45PBRootSpace 400 Infill327mm334mm40mm


Material100% recycled HDPE
Manufacture locationInjection moulded in UK

*subject to paving build up / layerworks depths, materials and construction methods

​RootSpace® Specifications