RootSoil 20

Our recommendation will always be to provide tree roots with the substance nature intended – good quality, uncompacted topsoil. Trees have been growing in this for thousands of years.

RootSoil 20 is our premium blend of quality sandy loam topsoil providing the ultimate in tree health, growth and longevity. Proven by decades of urban tree planting.


  • Excellent friable texture
  • Carefully controlled clay, silt and sand levels
  • Well balanced organic content
  • Meets stringent test standards


  • Optimum tree health, stability and longevity
  • Zero maintenance or fertilization required
  • Naturally well-draining


When installing tree pits in depths of more than 600mm use RootSoil 20 Sub in the lower section of the tree pit to eliminate the risk of soil becoming anaerobic.

Product code


Description Unit
RootSoil 20 – Premium top soil for GBU soil cell profiles

Deliveries available:
Bulk bag – 20t rigid lorry – 29t articulated lorry – Grab lorry

Approx. 1.4-1.5t per cubic meter