RootForm is a root barrier management product for guiding roots to deeper profiles. The hollow sections are designed to be filled in situ with a concrete or similar structural fill material giving very high strength. Strength can be further increased by incorporating steel reinforcing within the concrete infill.

The product once installed is ideally suited to carpark and other road situations where granular road base material is to be used alongside the tree pit.

GreenBlue Urban recommend that this root barrier product is used with a load bearing soil structure at its base such as RootSpace or Stratacell.




Modular construction gives flexibility on tree pit opening dimensions. 300mm and 500mm standard sections allow for 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800 openings and beyond, giving the designer scope to create optimal opening size for the tree species selected, and the space available.


  • Prevents root heave in surrounding surfaces
  • Deep root growth
  • Tree stability
  • Tree drought tolerance
  • Concrete haunch
  • Prevents root swirl
  • Fast installation
  • Arborsystem compatible
  • Recycled plastic, made in UK


ComponentsDimensions L x W x HProduct Code
RootForm Corner350 x 150 x 400RF4-CRA
RootForm 300300 x 150 x 400RF4-30A
RootForm 500500 x 150 x 400RF4-50A
Square Tree Pit SetsL x D
Complete 1200 Set1200 x 400RF4-12A
Complete 1500 Set1500 x 400RF4-15A
Complete 1800 Set1800 x 400RF4-18A