ArborSoil Hydro

Our recommendation will always be to provide tree roots with the substance nature intended – good quality uncompacted top soil. Trees have been successfully growing in this for thousands of years.

ArborSoil hydro is a special mix specifically blended as a result of research and testing for SuDS tree pits. This soil type is designed to strike the optimum balance between high tolerance to repeated flooding, and highest nutrient retention.


  • High tolerance to repeated flooding
  • Excellent nutrient retention
  • High levels of water pollutant removal


  • Guarantees optimum tree health, growth and longevity
  • Provides excellent stormwater attenuation capabilities
  • Good water outflow quality


Designed to drain freely so that a tree pit can be used for water attenuation without affecting the health of the tree, but retaining adequate nutrient levels.

ARBORSOILHYDROAArborSoil Hydro topsoil for SuDS tree pitsTonne
Deliveries AvailableDensity
– Bulk bag – 20t rigid lorry – 29t articulated lorry – Grab lorryApprox. 1.5-1.6t per cubic meter