​TreeGuard Tie

The Tree Guard Tie is designed to keep the trunk of a newly planted tree central in relation to the top of the tree guard.


In a real life situation it is not always possible to plant the tree dead central in relation to the tree guard together with being vertically plumb. With this in mind trees are often seen chafing at the top of a tree guard in windy conditions. This can cause serious damage to the tree together with looking unsightly as the tree is at an undue angle. The heavy duty buckle tie is secured by passing through a special L shaped bracket at the top of the tree guard. This is then joined to another buckled tie which surrounds the tree trunk and fixes to another bracket on the opposite side of the tree guard. The tie does not hold the tree rigidly but prevents the possibility of the tree trunk from making contact with the tree guard.


  • 100% natural material, environmentally friendly from sustainable sources
  • Strong, versatile and fast to install
  • Very cost effective for large tree planting/forestry schemes
  • Will not strangle the tree
  • Reduces maintenance costs


Installation detail:

  1. Tie the buckled belt loosely around the trunk to allow some movement and growth of the tree
  2. Cut 4 lengths of nylon reinforced belt approximately 600mm long
  3. Thread each length of belt through each bracket, through the belt around the trunk, and back through the bracket again
  4. Bolt each bracket into place loosely
  5. Tension each belt ensuring no pressure is being put on the trunk, and tighten each buckle
  6. Fold the loose ends back and tape securely for future re-tensioning