We all know the importance of trees in our cities, however urban trees are often neglected and do not receive the appropriate care they require in urban settings. Each of these photos tell a story of neglect, disregard, or simple lack of knowledge.

Learning from both our own and others’ mistakes is imperative if we are to pursue the goal of increasing urban tree canopy cover in our cities.

Against tree guard 2Inappropriate product selection can blight the results

Against tree guard This tree guard is killing the very thing it was supposed to protect

Proper tree guard use A healthy tree: With the right product selection urban trees can thrive

Proper tree guard use 2
A healthy tree: With the right product selection urban trees can thrive

Improper irrigation
Makeshift and untidy – a home for rats and mice

Proper irrigation
A healthy tree with appropriate irrigation measures

Uneven Sidewalk
Pavement heave due to improper root management

Proper root management
With proper root management, the area around trees will be free of pavement heave

Cut trees
Insufficient rooting volume caused these trees to be cut down

d - low res
Trees will flourish with sufficient uncompacted rooting volume

Chocked tree
Poor planting techniques harm trees

Cut tree 2
This tree died due to poor drainage and was removed

Trees decorated road in modern city

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