It was a great pleasure to visit the beautiful Welsh capital and to provide an Interactive CPD specifically focused on the integration of root management and sustainable urban drainage. Cardiff City Council officers we able to engage with an interactive on the spot construction of a GreenBlue Urban ArborSystem. A 2m tree pit was constructed using the Rootspace 400 G2.

The Arborflow panel, ArborVent, and guying systems were also part of the physical installation part of the CPD event. Questions ranged from:-

Which tree species suitable for SUDs, to the porosity of the resin bound Arborflow surround were fielding.

Most importantly the GreenBlue team were able to demonstrate the ease of construction using the cells and the integration of the Arborflow panel which provides the treatment element of the SUDs tree pit system. Soil settlement, compaction, and strategic placement of SUDs tree pits. Soil is integral to the SUDs tree pit process and there is of course ongoing debate as to the use of on-site soil, depth of topsoil and how the tree pit is drained.

ArborFlow panels fully assembled onto RootSpace G2

This event afforded an opportunity for robust questioning and discussion and will inform the next generation of product development for the GBU team. The capacity of each pit and the total catchment for each system was also a topic of discussion and GBU highlighted the importance of accurately calculating the area to drain into the proposed pits.

James Dalrymple discusses porosity of the resin bound grille.

Following the physical tree pit demonstration attendees were given a CPD presentation covering a range of case studies, focused on SUDs, covering integration of services and utilities into cell systems, designing with rain gardens and were also given an insight into policy drivers and planning conditions that can work to promote good practice. Discussions over collaboration between SABS and Planners have given much food for thought and highlight the importance for training, especially with the Shedule 3, Water & Management 2010 Act now in Force!

Thank you to Ian and the team for ensuring the event was a success!


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