It was a clear crisp October day at Bannister Hall Nurseries – possibly the coldest day of the year so far however GreenBlue were delighted to see 50+ attendees eager to network and enjoy themselves at the closing Roadshow for 2019.

Making the most of the outdoors prior to influx of rain and of course the busy tree planting season, we invited an array of exhibitors including; Kinley, ANS Global, Barton Grange Landscapes, CLD Fencing, Timberplay, Nexus and Pietra Pave all happy to show their useful offerings.

The day comprised of a series of very good talks, the speakers did a wonderful job in adapting the climate change theme into their products, demonstrating who they were and what they do so brilliantly.

Our very own Howard introduced not just exhibitor presentations but detailed talks from Ian Fisher of Manchester Met University with Andrew Hirons from Myerscough College who promoted the interactive Tree Species publication.

The twist to the day was that our colleagues Adrian & Dale were working hard on the excavated tree pit throughout the day to complete each section ready for the viewing by the attendees.
All attendees took a great interest in the tree pit and were asking varying questions regarding the installation and product groupings.

Attendees included visitors from various local authorities including Halton, Fyrle, Kirklees, Manchester, Trafford, Blackpool, Lancashire, NW Leicestershire, Lancaster and Pendle. Other institutions included City of Trees and Universities as well as practitioners such as landscaper contractors and designers.

In summary the event was hailed a success most had not seen a live tree pit demonstration and to be held at a practicing nursery made a nice change from sitting in an enclosed venue.  Thank you to Bannister Hall for working hard to ensure the nursery was ready for visitors prior to the event and also to Hannah our new Marketing Assistant who ensured the event ran smoothly from start to finish – well done!!

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