GreenBlue Urban are delighted to introduce CityTree – The world’s first biotech filter to improve air quality. 

During the coming weeks and months GreenBlue Urban will be working with partners across Europe to bring this new addition to the UK marketplace. With the UK facing punitive financial measure from the EU because of the critically high level of pollutants in our built up areas, it is critical that creative and innovative solutions are made available and quickly.

With GreenBlue at the forefront of innovative products, CityTree is an ideal partnership for the long-term solution of the air quality across our towns and cities.

The unique CityTree product comes in a variety of designs and there will be a new modular version available in the third quarter of this year.  The evidence as to the efficacy of the product is compelling and Glasgow City Council, Northumbrian Water and the Crown Estates are all early adopters in the UK.

One of two CityTree’s at in Glasgow City Centre

A recent team training day was an exciting opportunity to understand the power and potential of moss cultures when combined with IoT to mitigate against the poor-quality air in our urban environments and to reduce the overheated public realm due to densification and transport pressures.

Moss for clean and cool air!

This is a natural extension of our company mission to create sustainable towns and cities through the integration of green and blue infrastructure. Smart solutions which use the natural capacities of our plant life, trees and moss to reduce the effects of human development are the only means through which we can live more harmoniously with nature whilst still progressing to a point in which by 2035 over 90 per cent of citizens in the UK alone will be living in cities.

Bringing the forest into the city the essence through which GreenBlue Urban have worked to improve the lives of people living, working and interacting with the built environment for the past 25 years and our decision to harness the power of moss to remove particulate matter, to enhance the benefits of an urban forest is an important step in the development of our long-term goals.

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