The world's first bio-tech filter to quantifiably improve air quality.

Tree Planting not an option?

GreenBlue Urban are excited to be selling CityTree, a bio-tech air filter system that uses moss to clean polluted air within the urban realm and uses IoT technology to deliver quantifiable performance data in real time.

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Moss for clean and cool air

Protected by shade-giving plants, moss binds particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and CO2 equivalents and produces oxygen while cooling the air.

Cutting edge IoT technology

Integrated IoT technology delivers environmental data as well as comprehensive performance and status information on the CityTree in real time.

Optimum watering

Thanks to a fully automated provision of water and nutrients from a built-in tank, watering is completely independent.

Own energy provision

Installed solar panels generate energy for operating the CityTree, and this energy is efficiently stored in batteries.

Various designs

With benches in a range of woods, various colour options and different shade-giving plants, the CityTree harmonises with any urban environment.

Eco-friendly construction

The CityTree has a long life cycle, can mostly be recycled, and can be assembled or dismantled within eight hours.

Product Variants



Surface area 3,5m2

Surface area 1,5m2

Remote Monitoring

For measurable performance: A dashboard developed by GreenCity Solutions delivers comprehensive performance and status information on the CityTree and environmental data in real time. For that, two different sensor packages are integrated:
The “CityTree” sensor package collects and transfers data on the CityTree’s performance, analyses the status of the plants and reacts if water or power is needed. The “environment” sensor package measures air quality and analyses the current weather situation around the CityTree. At any time you can call up product-specific status and performance data as well as information about the environment around the CityTree.

CityTree BasicLine

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