University of Guelph

Location: Guelph, Ontario

After working with GreenBlue’s original structural soil modules, “RootCell”, and having been impressed with the working out of the system, Stantec (Kitchener, Ontario office) decided that the Sports Field Multiplex at the University of Guelph was an ideal situation to utilize the latest soil modules known as StrataCells. The final design involved the planting of 3 trees in an innovative, linked L-shaped tree pit with two layers of StrataCell modules. A total of 15 m³ of growing media for the root system has been provided, assisted by the GreenBlue Infrastructure Solutions RootRain aeration and irrigation system.

Above the StrataCell system was the typical concrete sidewalk design, requiring an aggregate layer, compacted and leveled. At the openings of the tree pits, the inside edge was protected using the GreenBlue ReRoot 300 ribbed barrier so that all roots were managed to a lower level, and able to access the StrataCell matrix. Once the finished concrete was poured, our Adur tree grate 1.5m ² was installed, incorporating the integrated GreenBlue RootRain inlet with cast lid. This project is going to be the subject of ongoing studies by students at the university attending the Landscape Architecture program.