​Leslie-Barns Street Improvements

Location: ​Toronto, Ontario

The Toronto Transit Commission recently undertook streetscape improvement schemes at several intersections in downtown Toronto due to required upgrades to the TTC’s Leslie-Barns Streetcar Storage Facility. The redevelopment encompasses 1 mile of Leslie Street and four key intersections on Queen Street East: Hastings Avenue, Curzon Street, Rushbrooke Avenue, and Leslie Street itself.

Brown + Story Architects was responsible for the urban planning of the project and were looking forward to using the ArborSystem® range to introduce additional tree plantings into the various areas of the project. The modularity and structural capabilities of the StrataCell® combined with the rest of the ArborSystem® range, such as RootRain irrigation and aeration system, provided the techniques required to ensure healthy establishment of the trees – several of which were implemented at each intersection.

Tree plantings and patterned paving were used to upgrade these previously neglected corners and help distinguish the intersections.

“The installation went well,” explains a GreenBlue consultant. “There were many utility conflicts with the first tree pit they dug, which offered a great way for us to prove how modular the StrataCell system is.”

Due to the discovery of multiple unknown utility lines during excavation, the project was placed on hold by the various utility companies affected – including hydro, communications, and stormwater.  After working with the utility companies to explain the features of our RootStop product and discuss other similar projects that RootStop has been utilized to keep services safe from tree root intrusion.

Once the utility companies were satisfied with the ability of the root barrier, a strip of RootStop was wrapped around each service conduit and work was commenced.

Leslie-Barns 1 - 3000x2500
Leslie-Barns 2 - 3000x2500
Leslie-Barns 3 - 3000x2500

With the Hastings, Curzon, and Rushbrooke intersections completed, Leslie Street became the final stage of construction to mark the completion of the large-encompassing TTC Leslie Street project.