About Us

Founded in 1992, GreenBlue Urban was set up to research and provide solutions for assisting trees in their battle to establish in urban spaces. With the goal of drastically improving urban planting success and increasing leaf canopy in urban areas, we began a programme to analyse the challenges, causes of failure and reasons for premature mortality in urban trees, which continues to this day.  We have examined the impact the poor planting can have on urban infrastructure, identified key issues in both of these areas and systematically researched possible solutions and designed practical products and systems to address them.

Local authorities, landscape architects, engineers and other related professionals increasingly turn to GreenBlue for guidance and best practice advice on tree planting implementation. As the UK’s market leader in specialist tree pit products, we are able to offer more than 20 years of frontline experience in the field. Our support service, unrivaled in the tree-planting world, can help you to achieve your vision.

Based in the South of England, GreenBlue has grown every year since its inception.  Our programme of continuous product development, exhaustive research in conjunction with overseas partners, ensures that specifiers and clients can rest assured that the systems we offer for green infrastructures and urban planting schemes represent the very best in the sector.

Greenleaf to GreenBlue Urban

In 2013, Greenleaf became GreenBlue Urban Ltd.  The new name reflecting the increased importance of integrating green infrastructure with water sensitive urban design (WSUD).

In 2015 we moved into our new moved new purpose built premises in East Sussex.  This new facility offers training workshops and demonstration planting areas for the latest generation of tree pit and WSUD planting systems.

Soil Cell Pioneers

Having installed the world’s first soil cell system, GreenBlue Urban became the pioneer for future soil cell module systems.  These proprietary structural cells provide uncompacted soil volume for healthy root growth underneath a paved surround.  Since 1992 we have continued to lead the green infrastructure industry and innovate the landscape design profession with unparalleled tree planting and surface water management systems.